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About Me (he/him)

Howdy! I'm Jo, a tech fanatic with some impressive skills in .NET, Node.js, and Angular. You'll find me knee-deep in code, working on super-efficient software and crafting sleek, stylish UI components. But wait! There's more! I'm also all about encouraging newbies and making a real difference in the tech world. Come join me on this exciting quest to build a brighter, more sustainable future through the magic of technology.

Skills & Proficiencies

the thrilling world of software development

Crafting the Future of Frontend

Jo's a hotshot at crafting speedy, easy-to-use web interfaces that play nice with all browsers, thanks to their Angular expertise. Plus, they're keen to hear what users think so they can keep sharpening their skills!

Unleashing the Power of Backend Development

Say hello to Jo, our wizard of the backend! Jo wields a toolbox of tech tricks, from databases to APIs and performance magic, to make web and app creations shine.

The Art of Communication

The Art of Scholarly Writing

I'm a research whiz with a knack for sorting info like a boss, and always nailing those pesky citations to ensure crystal-clear, top-notch academic work.

The Art of Business Writing

I specialize in crafting clear and persuasive business documents such as proposals, reports, emails, and marketing materials that resonate with the intended audience.

Mastering the Art of Public Speaking

delivering engaging, informative speeches with confidence. My abilities include effective communication, audience connection, and conveying ideas with impact.

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